Herbal Acne Home Cures

Herbal Acne Home Cures
Herbal acne home cures can be an​ effective adjunct to​ whatever other treatments are being used . ​
it​ is​ important to​ understand that they are not hard and​ fast cures in​ the​ absolute sense,​ but will instead support the​ bodys capacity to​ metabolize fats and​ carbohydrates,​ and​ encourage elimination through the​ lymphatic system . ​

The class of​ herbs known as​ alterative herbs are conceptualized traditionally as​ cleansing the​ bodys tissues . ​
They are thought of​ as​ detoxifying herbs,​ but they dont work in​ any obvious way on​ the​ bodys elimination channels . ​
Namely,​ the​ lungs,​ kidneys,​ or​ colon . ​
as​ such,​ they do not easily fit into a​ Western model of​ understanding the​ body . ​
However,​ they do have a​ long tradition of​ use,​ and​ are certainly worth trying as​ an​ acne home remedy . ​
Because they work on​ the​ internal condition of​ the​ body,​ they are not going to​ replace any of​ the​ topical,​ over the​ counter acne treatments . ​
But they may provide benefit in​ an​ indirect way that these acne products dont . ​

Alterative herbs tend to​ be quite gentle in​ their effect,​ so they are best used as​ a​ long term treatment . ​
Results wont be sudden,​ but they will improve the​ general health of​ the​ body . ​
They tend to​ be given for​ chronic inflammatory problems,​ especially relating to​ the​ skin,​ such as​ acne . ​

These herbs include burdock,​ cleavers,​ red clover,​ figwort,​ poke root,​ echinacea,​ and​ blue flag . ​
a​ great combination is​ blue flag,​ burdock,​ yellow dock,​ and​ echinacea . ​
These can be mixed together and​ infused with hot water to​ make a​ tea . ​
Drink a​ cup of​ this 3 times a​ day . ​
you​ can put a​ little honey in​ it​ to​ make it​ taste better . ​

Another possible combination is​ burdock,​ dandelion,​ and​ sarsaparilla not the​ cola! . ​
Mix these together when they are dry herbs,​ and​ make a​ tea in​ the​ same way . ​
They can be used separately as​ well . ​

There are a​ number of​ options for​ topical acne home remedies as​ well . ​
Tea tree oil can be applied directly to​ breakouts,​ though for​ those with sensitive skin this may need to​ be diluted . ​
Fresh cabbage juice can also be applied directly to​ acne blemishes,​ and​ this may be a​ better option for​ those with sensitive skin . ​

An anti inflammatory skin wash can be made from calendula and​ chamomile . ​
Make a​ tea as​ above,​ then let it​ cool and​ keep it​ in​ the​ fridge . ​
Spray or​ dab this onto the​ affected areas regularly . ​

Another combination for​ an​ acne home cure skin wash is​ yarrow,​ elder flowers,​ and​ lavender . ​

Colloidal minerals such as​ potassium phosphate and​ magnesium phosphate can help support the​ skin . ​
Zinc is​ excellent to​ help prevent scarring,​ as​ well as​ fortifying the​ immune system,​ and​ help supports the​ normal functioning of​ hormones . ​

Vitamin C is​ excellent for​ encouraging the​ healing of​ acne lesions,​ as​ well as​ providing antioxidant support to​ the​ immune system . ​

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