Hair Loss Solution Try Aromatherapy

Hair Loss Solution Try Aromatherapy
Our ancestors did not have the​ benefit of​ today’s scientifically researched ​Drug​s,​ but they often found natural remedies that worked just as​ well . ​
Herbal remedies have been used for​ centuries to​ treat everything from premenstrual syndrome to​ high blood pressure . ​
Men experiencing the​ first signs of​ baldness often looked to​ natural cures as​ well,​ and​ some of​ the​ herbal remedies have surprising results . ​

A group of​ dermatologists in​ Scotland tested an​ herbal remedy with great success,​ helping over 40% of​ their patients with a​ mixture of​ essential oils containing cedarwood,​ lavender,​ rosemary and​ thyme . ​
in​ this double blind study,​ the​ group using the​ essential oils showed improvement in​ 40 percent of​ the​ subjects,​ while only 15% of​ the​ control group noted an​ improvement . ​

So,​ would you​ be interested in​ trying out aromatherapy as​ a​ hair loss solution? if​ you’d like to​ experiment with this,​ mix three drops each of​ lavender and​ rosemary oil with two drops each of​ cedarwood and​ thyme oils . ​
Add this mixture to​ 4 teaspoons of​ grapeseed oil and​ onequarter teaspoon of​ jojoba oil . ​
Rub the​ mixture into your scalp for​ two minutes nightly,​ then use a​ warm towel to​ wrap your head . ​

If you’re not experiencing baldness yet,​ but your hair doesn’t look healthy,​ you​ may want to​ try a​ mixture of​ lavender and​ bay essential oils to​ stimulate blood flow to​ the​ scalp and​ help circulation to​ the​ area . ​
About six drops of​ each oil should be added to​ ½ cup of​ a​ good carrier oil,​ like almond or​ sesame oil . ​
Warm the​ mixture slightly and​ rub into the​ scalp . ​
After letting the​ mixture penetrate the​ scalp for​ 20 minutes,​ shampoo with your normal shampoo . ​
for​ additional benefit,​ you​ may want to​ add up to​ 4 drops of​ bay oil to​ your normal shampoo . ​

Of course,​ you​ won’t see a​ whole new head of​ hair after just one or​ two treatments . ​
However,​ repeated use will most likely provide you​ with better looking,​ fuller hair . ​
You’ll also experience the​ positive benefits of​ aromatherapy and​ scalp massage as​ well,​ feeling more relaxed and​ ready to​ face the​ day . ​
Aromatherapy may just be the​ hair loss solution that you​ are looking for!
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