Getting Started With Aromatherapy Easy Ways To Enjoy Essential Oils

Getting Started With Aromatherapy Easy Ways to​ Enjoy Essential Oils
Beginning bona fide aromatherapy,​ beyond burning a​ scented candle or​ soaking with a​ pleasing prepackaged bath salt blend,​ can be a​ little daunting to​ many people. ​
All those little bottles of​ pricey liquids,​ electric contraptions,​ and​ fancysounding blends how does one actually use essential oils to​ improve their health,​ happiness and​ wellbeing? Its easier than one might think getting started can open a​ whole new world of​ fun and​ effective natural remedies that can lift your mood,​ calm your nerves,​ and​ support healing of​ a​ great many common ailments.
The basics of​ aromatherapy are simple,​ once a​ few fundamental concepts are understood. ​
Aromatherapy is​ the​ practice of​ using essential oils the​ aromatic compounds of​ plants,​ extracted through steam distillation or​ other methods. ​
The oils act as​ the​ chemical messengers and​ protectors of​ the​ plant kingdom. ​
Each essential oil can contain hundreds of​ different volatile easily evaporated compounds,​ most of​ which are very compatible with the​ physiology of​ the​ human body. ​
what's so wonderful is​ they can also do for us what they do for plants act as​ chemical messengers through affecting our smell sense and​ limbic system,​ and​ defending the​ body against foreign invaders by their antibacterial and​ antiviral actions. ​
In this article,​ well focus on​ the​ mental and​ emotional effects of​ aromatherapy,​ and​ address the​ physiological aspects at ​ another time.
Essential oils are best used in​ one of​ two simple ways through inhalation,​ where the​ oils can directly affect certain areas of​ the​ brain,​ and​ through topical application,​ where the​ oils are easily absorbed into the​ bloodstream. ​
Note Oral ingestion can be an option,​ but only under experienced medical supervision further,​ SOME OILS CAN BE TOXIC,​ and​ other even seemingly harmless oils should not be used under certain conditions. ​
if ​ you​ are pregnant,​ or​ have specific medical needs,​ consult a​ knowledgeable practitioner before continuing!
Inhalation of​ Essential Oils
Essential oils when inhaled directly effect our limbic system,​ the​ brains emotional centers. ​
Many oils have been found to​ sharpen concentration,​ reduce tension and​ anxiety,​ and​ even reduce depression. ​
How can we reap these magnificent benefits? There are a​ few simple,​ costeffective ways to​ prepare essential oils for inhalation and​ experience these wonderful effects the​ handkerchief method,​ making your own smelling salts,​ and​ making your own aromatherapy mister.
The handkerchief method is​ pretty straightforward put a​ drop or​ two of​ an oil or​ blend on​ a​ tissue and​ inhale careful with some oils though peppermint,​ for example,​ can burn the​ sensitive skin around your nostrils if ​ put in​ direct contact. ​
You can even leave the​ tissue or​ handkerchief,​ or​ piece of​ cloth,​ or​ cotton,​ or​ whatever in​ a​ room or​ your workspace and​ the​ oil will continue to​ evaporate and​ have its effects.
Making your own smelling salts is​ similar,​ though your preparation will last a​ while longer. ​
To make the​ salts,​ fill a​ small vial dark glass with a​ good cap is​ best with natural sea salt and​ drop essential oils into the​ salt. ​
The amount of​ oil is​ not too critical enough that there is​ detectable aroma,​ and​ not so much that the​ salt gets completely wet. ​
Just unscrew the​ cap and​ inhale from the​ bottle whenever you​ need a​ lift,​ or,​ like the​ handkerchief,​ leave the​ vial open in​ your space,​ letting the​ aroma slowly fill the​ area.
A mister can be used infuse a​ room with aroma just add essential oils to​ water in​ a​ small spray bottle,​ shake before each use and​ spray!
Here are a​ few easy recipes for the​ inhalation method Note in​ all recipes,​ the​ number of​ drops of​ oil and/or amount of​ carrier can be used as​ a​ ratio,​ which you​ can increase or​ decrease as​ you​ need
For uplifting the​ mood and​ brightening the​ mind 4 drops of​ Rosemary Cineol,​ 3 drops of​ Lavender,​ 2 drops of​ Lemon and​ 1 drop of​ Peppermint,​ or​ 3 drops Clary Sage,​ 2 drops Bergamot and​ 1 drop Sweet Orange.
For calming anxiety equal parts of​ Roman Chamomile,​ Bergamot and​ Orange,​ or​ 3 drops Lavender,​ 2 drops Neroli and​ 1 drop Bergamot.
For creating a​ harmonious atmosphere 3 drops Jasmine,​ 1 drop Ylang Ylang and​ 1 drop Sandalwood,​ or​ equal parts Geranium,​ Patchouli and​ Bergamot.
Aromatherapy Massage
Now for the​ topical application method. ​
Usually this is​ described as​ aromatherapy massage ideally,​ this is​ done with a​ partner,​ but selfmassage will work as​ well. ​
Creating your own massage oil is​ a​ straightforward process just dilute 10 20 drops of​ essential oil per ounce of​ carrier oil. ​
There are a​ variety of​ carrier oils available,​ though Sweet Almond is​ a​ great allaround oil and​ is​ recommended for general aromatherapy massage. ​
as​ for the​ massage,​ itself,​ any technique will do let your intuition be your guide. ​
When you​ wish to​ get a​ little more advanced,​ do a​ little further research to​ create synergy with certain essential oils and​ certain acupressure points.
The same blends for inhalation can be used for massage,​ though here are a​ few more fun recipes
For a​ sensual massage,​ per ounce of​ carrier oil,​ add 8 drops Sandalwood,​ 6 drops Rose,​ 4 drops Lavender and​ 2 drops Ylang Ylang.
For opening the​ heart,​ try 4 drops Spikenard,​ 4 drops Lavender and​ 2 drops of​ Rose.
Finally,​ for sheer relaxation,​ use 6 drops Lavender,​ 4 drops Neroli and​ 2 drops Bergamot.
don't be afraid to​ create your own blends! you​ will certainly find particular oils that you​ enjoy and​ aromatherapy is​ like that. ​
it​ is​ the​ oils you​ find most enjoyable that are likely those that are most effective for you. ​
My only recommendation is​ to​ change the​ ratios of​ oils you​ are blending very slowly. ​
Start with one drop of​ each oil in​ a​ small vial,​ mixing them and​ allowing a​ few minutes for them to​ blend before adding more oil 1 drop at ​ a​ time. ​
In general,​ citrus oils Orange,​ Bergamot,​ Lemon,​ Lime tend to​ bring alertness while calming at ​ the​ same time. ​
Herb oils Peppermint,​ Rosemary tend to​ be invigorating,​ while floral oils tend to​ be relaxing Lavender,​ Chamomile,​ Jasmine,​ Neroli. ​
This is​ only a​ guideline many oils have complex properties and​ will affect individuals differently use your nose as​ a​ guide.
Getting started with aromatherapy is​ easy,​ and​ with these simple ideas,​ you​ will be able to​ create essential oil preparations tailored to​ your needs and​ enjoyment. ​
This can lead to​ a​ lifelong appreciation of​ these wonderful gifts from nature.
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