Female Bodybuilding

Many people have the​ misconception that all female bodybuilders are muscle bound,​ steroid popping Amazons,​ who look like Arnold Schwarzenegger.

There are certainly a​ small handful of​ women who will fit into this category and they compete in​ the​ elite championships such as​ the​ Ms Olympia,​ however the​ vast majority of​ women who are involved in​ bodybuilding are using it​ purely for toning the​ body and for fitness.

Female bodybuilding is​ an​ excellent sport for young women to​ strengthen their muscles,​ burn fat,​ and lift their overall fitness levels so they can compete at​ a​ higher level in​ other sports.

By lifting weights women can actually lose body fat,​ as​ the​ muscle they are building needs energy,​ and this is​ derived from using the​ energy that is​ stored in​ their body fat.

The average female bodybuilder is​ unlikely to​ build enormous muscles without the​ aid of​ special supplements or​ steroids.

This is​ due to​ the​ fact that women have a​ low level of​ testosterone in​ their body and it​ is​ testosterone that is​ needed to​ build the​ muscle that men can so readily gain.

Along with improved muscle tone,​ weight lifting also aids in​ the​ strength of​ the​ heart and the​ bones. This is​ particularly important because many women suffer from degeneration of​ their bones in​ later years.

Specific exercises for abdominal development will also help with the​ strength and support of​ the​ back and this can be very beneficial for women who are considering having a​ baby.

As you​ can see,​ there are many different areas where women can benefit from bodybuilding,​ and specifically weight training,​ without the​ concern of​ looking like an​ Amazon at​ the​ end of​ their training.

Most professional sports these days have weight lifting as​ part of​ their training routine and this also applies to​ female sports.

A female bodybuilder will have a​ higher level of​ fitness and a​ lower level of​ bodyfat than the​ average women.
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