Evoking The Right Moods With Aromatherapy Candles

Evoking the​ Right Moods With Aromatherapy Candles
For your wedding anniversary this time,​ you​ planned a​ lovely evening,​ complete with a​ sumptuous dinner by the​ candle light. ​
Though everything went right according to​ your plans,​ it​ were the​ candles that spoiled the​ evening. ​
First,​ the​ table got all dirty with burnt wax all over it. ​
Second,​ the​ soot and​ smoke marred the​ romantic atmosphere.
The ordinary candles that we get in​ the​ market are made out of​ paraffin. ​
Paraffin is​ a​ petroleumbased product and​ thus results in​ more soot and​ smoke when the​ candle is​ burnt. ​
So,​ if ​ you​ are using these candles,​ be prepared for the​ unclean burning. ​
However,​ if ​ you​ want to​ avoid these,​ go for aromatherapy candles.
Aromatherapy candles are made from essential oils of​ plants. ​
And lighting the​ room is​ only a​ secondary feature of​ these candles; the​ primary use is​ in​ stimulating oneself physiologically and​ therapeutically. ​
it​ is​ well known that aromas and​ fragrances are effective for evoking mood and​ emotions. ​
So if ​ you​ are looking forward to​ romantic evening,​ just use aromatherapy candles and​ see how your beau says just the​ right words.
The market place has a​ wide range of​ options for you​ to​ choose in​ aromatherapy candles. ​
Choose from floating,​ pillars,​ gel,​ votive and​ jar candles. ​
if ​ you​ are free and​ want to​ do something creative then go for designing aromatherapy candles for yourself. ​
it​ is​ easy. ​
You must be aware of​ the​ basic preparation method and​ have a​ knowledge of​ essential oils. ​
And lo! Your candle is​ ready.
Lavender is​ the​ most popular oil used in​ the​ preparation of​ these candles. ​
Light a​ candle when you​ are taking bath. ​
or​ place a​ candle by the​ dining table. ​
Lavender has stress relieving features and​ will keep you​ stress free for the​ entire day.
You have a​ large choice in​ fragrance too. ​
Just understand the​ mood you​ want to​ stir up and​ make your choice. ​
if ​ you​ are suffering from sleeplessness,​ you​ can use Sage,​ Chamomile,​ and​ Ylang Ylang. ​
Looking for uplifting mood,​ use Rosemary and​ Grapefruit induced aromatherapy candles. ​
Similarly,​ there are candles with aromas of​ Eucalyptus,​ Geranium,​ Peppermint,​ and​ many more.
The wax used for preparation of​ the​ candles must preferably be natural. ​
The soot released from paraffin candles has been associated with many diseases. ​
Vegetable based wax like soy,​ palm and​ beeswax burn clean and​ for long. ​
They release less soot.
However,​ while purchasing aromatherapy candles,​ one must be cautious. ​
What is​ sold as​ aromatic candles may be made of​ synthetic wax and​ fragrances. ​
These may be toxic at ​ times. ​
So choose the​ aromatherapy candles with care.
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