Do You Have What It Takes To Get The Body Of Your Dreams

While the​ toned men and slender women of​ the​ world put on​ their skin-tastic summer gear and proudly put themselves on​ display,​ those with jiggles and dimples would rather opt for a​ cover up and hang out under an​ umbrella.

So why haven't you​ met your fitness goals?

Why must you​ go through another agonizing summer,​ turning your head as​ you​ pass by a​ dozen magazines showcasing skinny celebrities in​ bikinis? you​ should be enjoying your summer days without wondering which pair of​ shorts covers the​ most.

The truth is​ that anyone can get the​ body of​ their dreams...even you. And wouldn't it​ feel great to​ pull on​ your bathing suit without bracing yourself before looking in​ the​ mirror?

You can turn your fitness dreams into reality-read on​ for the​ three things you​ need to​ begin achieving amazing results.

1. Your Mind

You may be wondering what your mind has to​ do with getting your body into great shape. in​ a​ single word,​ your mind has everything to​ do with getting the​ body of​ your dreams. Your mind will make or​ break your success.

How? Well,​ your mind works hard to​ reinforce the​ beliefs that you​ hold about yourself. if​ you​ think of​ yourself as​ a​ fat person,​ or​ an​ out-of-shape person,​ or​ just an​ average person then your subconscious mind will do everything in​ its power to​ keep you​ that way.

It's like self-sabotage.

However,​ if​ you​ begin to​ think of​ yourself as​ fit,​ healthy and attractive,​ then your mind will do everything it​ can to​ make your belief a​ reality.

*Take time everyday to​ visualize your new body and to​ focus on​ your goals.

2. Your Plan

Everyone who successfully sets out to​ lose body fat and achieve results does so by implementing a​ plan. Your plan is​ crucial to​ your success,​ picture it​ as​ a​ guiding map needed to​ find a​ new destination. Without it​ you​ are lost.

Here are the​ 2 major parts to​ your plan:

1. Diet: They say you​ are what you​ eat,​ and that is​ never truer than while losing weight. Cut junk food from your diet and stick with fresh healthy foods instead. Eat small meals throughout the​ day containing protein,​ carbohydrates and minimal fat.

2. Exercise: Yes,​ you​ will have to​ break a​ sweat,​ but the​ good news is​ that once you​ make exercise a​ habit you​ will likely find it​ to​ be enjoyable - in​ fact,​ I know you​ will. it​ is​ important that you​ make exercise a​ part of​ your lifestyle,​ and not something that you​ do on​ random occasions. For maximal results exercise 4-5 times each week doing both cardiovascular and resistance training.

*Stick with your healthy eating plan and exercise routine-these are the​ building blocks to​ your success.

3. Your Determination

Determination is​ the​ one thing that will guarantee that you​ will lose weight,​ tone your body and feel better than ever. you​ have to​ want it-that's it. Thinking about it​ is​ not enough. Now it's time for action!

You have to​ want your dream body...more than you​ want that burger and fries.

more than you​ want to​ skip your workout.
more than you​ want that chocolate cookie.
more than you​ want to​ sit on​ the​ couch.

The shape and size of​ your body is​ in​ your hands,​ and your hands only. I believe that you​ possess the​ kind of​ determination that it​ takes to​ change your body-you simply need to​ dig down deep enough within yourself to​ find it.

Fuel your fire by building a​ network of​ support in​ your life. Enlist friends,​ family and loved ones to​ encourage your efforts and to​ keep tabs on​ your progress. in​ fact,​ I would love to​ be a​ key player in​ your network of​ support-don't hesitate to​ call me or​ reply to​ this email to​ get me onboard. Fitness is​ my passion and I can help make it​ yours too!

* Surround yourself with support and don't give up.

I get excited when talking about getting you​ the​ body of​ your dreams-this is​ what I do everyday for my clients. Making the​ decision to​ transform your body is​ something to​ celebrate.
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