Do Blogs Need Pictures

One question that commonly pops up is​ “Do you​ really need a​ picture for a​ blog?” the​ answer is​ no. Imagery is​ there to​ enhance your content. Above all the​ purpose of​ including an​ image with your blog should not be to​ make up for weak content.

Pictures are also more appropriate for certain types of​ blogs rather than others. For instance a​ blog about modern art or​ architecture might require pictures more than a​ blog about the​ latest computer chip would.

However there is​ no reason why the​ occasional picture can’t be used to​ augment your writing even if​ you​ are using a​ blog to​ sell a​ very dry product such as​ computer software. the​ true purpose of​ an​ illustration or​ photograph is​ to​ enhance your blog,​ not detract from it. if​ the​ image enhances the​ point you​ want to​ make or​ is​ even a​ well-attuned metaphor for what you​ are trying to​ say,​ then by all means use it.

One problem is​ that some blog templates are not that friendly when it​ comes to​ uploading pictures. in​ this case it​ is​ possible to​ have the​ image open in​ a​ separate web page so it​ does not interfere with the​ layout of​ your blog. This also gives your reader the​ choice of​ whether they want to​ bother looking at​ the​ image or​ not.

One design rule regarding images is​ to​ keep them all the​ same size. There is​ nothing that messes up the​ look of​ a​ well designed blog more than having differently sized photographs scattered all over the​ page. Another problem that you​ may likely encounter when uploading images onto a​ blog template is​ the​ issue of​ having to​ fit the​ image into a​ predetermined size. This can mean the​ image is​ squished,​ elongated or​ stretched laterally. if​ this is​ a​ problem,​ then don’t bother uploading an​ image at​ all.
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