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The complex definition of​ beauty
Throughout the​ history of​ mankind,​ the​ concept and definition of​ beauty has remained somewhat of​ a​ mystery .​
People define beauty in​ many contexts .​
Sunrise on​ a​ foggy day,​ with the​ luminous sunlight playing among the​ shadows,​ is​ certainly beautiful .​
Raphael's Transfiguration,​ with ethereal blue clouds surrounding the​ risen Jesus is​ beautiful .​
a​ child's face is​ beautiful .​
a​ hand-painted vase brimming with fresh flowers,​ or​ even just a​ lovely evening gown,​ can be beautiful .​
So how can you​ define beauty?
The definition of​ beauty is​ complex,​ legitimate on​ a​ number of​ aesthetic levels .​
It's not even a​ matter of​ values or​ sensitivity,​ as​ beauty can reside in​ something so seemingly unimportant as​ a​ leaf,​ floating down a​ quiet stream .​
Perhaps more to​ the​ point,​ beauty resides everywhere you​ wish to​ find it .​
According to​ Webster's,​ beauty is​ of​ a​ very pleasing quality .​
You may find a​ chocolate croissant and a​ cup of​ fine Arabica coffee to​ be beautiful,​ both in​ form and taste .​
An old tapestry,​ made of​ the​ finest silks and embroidered with skill,​ pleases the​ visual senses and is​ thus beautiful.
A closer examination of​ the​ definition of​ beauty reveals that there are degrees and venues into which we may assign the​ identification of​ beauty .​
Some are objects of​ beauty,​ such as​ a​ beautiful piece of​ jewelry,​ wrought of​ breathtaking materials,​ with such craftsmanship and skill that you​ can't help but see its loveliness.
However,​ as​ you​ appreciate and apprehend beauty,​ the​ definition of​ beauty narrows and you​ find yourself looking for a​ certain refinement that expresses the​ ethereal beauty that is​ ageless and is​ regarded by all of​ humanity as​ beauty.
Now you​ more closely approach true beauty .​
True beauty cannot be duplicated .​
The face of​ a​ child is​ unique .​
The face you​ see now may never again be duplicated in​ its expression,​ wonder and uniqueness .​
This is​ a​ definition of​ beauty that you​ can spend a​ lifetime contemplating and yet never capture,​ except in​ your heart.
Have you​ ever spent a​ day walking,​ just watching people and observing their various moods? you​ may see a​ hundred people in​ a​ day,​ just walking through the​ park or​ sitting on​ a​ bench .​
Each individual has innate beauty .​
It is​ up to​ you​ to​ find that definition of​ beauty which is​ surely there .​
Whether that person is​ a​ kindly old grandmother feeding birds,​ a​ mother tending her kids,​ or​ an​ unfortunate homeless man trying to​ make the​ best of​ his situation,​ there is​ beauty in​ abundance if​ only you​ can see it.
When next you​ contemplate your definition of​ beauty,​ include the​ vagaries of​ humanity .​
There you​ will find spiritual qualities of​ that ephemeral beauty .​
Therein lies the​ definition of​ beauty.
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