Customizing Your Myspace Blog

Online blogs are rapidly replacing diaries and journals,​ like emails that lessen the​ quantity of​ snail mails over the​ years. Writing blog appears to​ be a​ bit more conservative,​ yet much faster and convenient. MySpace gives plenty of​ options for their members to​ use on​ their online blog,​ as​ well as​ the​ ability to​ modify the​ appearance that will suit the​ individual’s character. on​ the​ next section we will talk on​ some of​ the​ features offered in​ modifying your MySpace personal blog.

Modifying online blog has never been simple with MySpace. a​ lot of​ options are offered to​ help you​ match your blog with your own personality. So many choices available to​ help you​ modify your MySpace blog with style change the​ colors,​ the​ fonts,​ and you​ can even add a​ custom header.

From your home page,​ you​ simply go to​ a​ useful area where you​ can modify your blog. Next to​ your profile picture there is​ a​ link that says “Manage Blog”,​ click this.

Along with the​ other options,​ look for the​ box at​ the​ left side of​ the​ page with a​ label “My Controls”. Click the​ link “Customize Blog.” inside this box. you​ are now set to​ customize your MySpace Blog.

You can also find different options in​ “Customize My Blog” page such as​ color settings for certain sections of​ your blog. These include:

• General Page Settings
• Page Header
• Side Module
• Blog Post Settings
• Background Settings
• Your Own Additional Style Sheet

To customize your blog page,​ decide on​ what colors or​ font to​ use and everything you​ preferred which are applicable. you​ can preview the​ page after you​ customize your blog so you​ could check on​ how it​ looks. you​ can also set your blog to​ default if​ you​ prefer not to​ apply the​ changes you've made.
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