Choose The Best Credit Card Offer

Choose the​ Best Credit Card Offer
Credit card offers come in​ two most popular ways: whether by letter mails or​ by e-mails,​ so this does not surprise you​ when after logging onto your email account,​ you​ get this stream of​ credit card offers promising you​ this better feature than the​ other,​ giving you​ lower rates than the​ most,​ featuring more rewards,​ and so on​ and so forth .​
If you​ are someone who is​ easily smitten by these juicy offers,​ you​ could easily give in​ and apply to​ the​ first mail that caught your fancy .​
How can you​ decide which company has the​ best credit card offer? While you​ may not believe it,​ it​ would all start with you​ .​
You have to​ think if​ you​ can handle a​ credit card wisely such that it​ would not let you​ leave in​ financial setbacks because of​ inability to​ pay for the​ bills in​ the​ end .​
This is​ typically the​ consequence of​ most cardholders who does not pay attention to​ how he is​ using the​ credit card .​
It usually ends up leaving them without enough funds when the​ bill arrived because of​ the​ substantial amount of​ purchases .​

Before deciding to​ apply for a​ credit card,​ make sure you​ know how you​ can use it​ in​ the​ wisest manner .​
Otherwise,​ you​ can stick with your cash on​ hands; though that could be most inconvenient .​
If you​ have decided you​ can handle it,​ then,​ by all means,​ you​ can start hunting for the​ best credit card company.
First,​ know the​ annual percentage rates of​ the​ credit card companies .​
Do not be fooled on​ the​ advertisement of​ some companies which tells an​ obviously lower rate,​ but in​ fact has hidden charges .​
a​ zero-interest rate is​ even more doubtful,​ so take time to​ research how a​ zero-interest rate credit card would apply .​
Zero-interest rate feature could happen,​ but that could only be the​ introductory offer .​
What happens is​ it​ skyrockets without you​ properly informed and is​ already reflected on​ the​ bills after several months,​ so be cautious .​
Second,​ learn of​ all the​ kinds of​ interest rates that the​ credit card company offers .​
There are credit card companies which offer fixed rate,​ wherein you​ will pay for a​ rate that will be charged the​ same rate all year round .​
Other company could charge variable rates,​ which keeps fluctuating,​ depending on​ the​ outside financial gauges .​
Learn how credit card companies notify their customers regarding changes of​ balances .​
While others keep their clients updated with their accounts by sending monthly letter mails,​ others send through text messages or​ e-mails .​
This is​ a​ very important factor as​ you​ may expect another kind of​ notification from what the​ company is​ really providing; thus,​ may allow you​ to​ overlook some discrepancies with the​ statements .​
It is​ also important to​ learn of​ the​ annual fees .​
Again,​ do not get fooled by some companies which offer free annual fee as​ this could only be part of​ introductory offer to​ the​ clients .​
The waived annual fee could only be on​ the​ first year after the​ membership,​ and may start reflecting on​ the​ succeeding years after the​ bills of​ the​ first year .​
Make sure you​ know how the​ credit card company takes charge of​ the​ lost credit cards .​
This should be stipulated as​ fraud program of​ the​ company,​ and review this portion to​ avoid hassles in​ the​ end .​
You can ask the​ company questions about this aspect for make things clearer.
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