Cheek Implants Silicone Lip Augmentation A Tribute To Facial Beauty

Cheek implants & silicone lip augmentation,​ a​ Tribute to​ Facial Beauty
Today,​ we live in​ a​ culture totally youthoriented. ​
Aspiration to​ get younger,​ healthier and​ beautiful or​ handsome is​ growing. ​
Face is​ the​ most remarkable feature of​ a​ human body. ​
We know someone by face as​ much as​ we know by one’s name and​ fame. ​
But with age we loose the​ youthfulness and​ face is​ the​ striking human future that shows our loss in​ terms of​ health and​ beauty,​ by developing loose skins,​ fine lines and​ bags around the​ eyes. ​

To enhance the​ facial beauty there are many procedures. ​
But cosmetic plastic surgery offers the​ most striking results. ​
Facial cosmetic procedures are the​ most requested procedure which involves tightening the​ underlying muscles and​ redraping the​ facial skin to​ augment,​ define or​ reshape various facial features. ​
it​ includes many procedures like cheek implants,​ silicone lip augmentation,​ brow lift,​ nose reconstruction,​ eyelid lift,​ etc. ​

Facial cosmetic surgery gives you​ a​ younger and​ youthful look,​ but it​ cannot stop the​ aging process. ​
it​ can set back the​ clock such a​ way that the​ visible signs of​ aging can not be discernible. ​
as​ with all surgeries,​ it​ also involves some risks and​ complications. ​
So the​ surgeon must consider the​ individual physical reactions,​ healing abilities and​ general health condition. ​
The most common complications may include hematoma,​ infections and​ anesthesia reactions which can be nullified by proper advice from an expert surgeon,​ both before and​ after surgery. ​
Given below is​ the​ popular facial cosmetic procedures.
· Facial liposuction it​ is​ a​ cosmetic procedure used to​ vacuum fatty deposits from the​ cheeks,​ chin,​ neck or​ jaw line.
· Chemical peel it​ works by burning the​ face and​ creating a​ controlled injury and​ the​ result is​ a​ smoother lesswrinkled youthful face.
· Hyaloronic acid therapy it​ involves injection restylane,​ esthelis,​ perlane and​ hylaform to​ remove facial flaws.
· Chin implants it​ is​ performed to​ give a​ balanced and​ symmetrical face by implanting silicone implants.
· Cheek implants it​ involves elevating cheek bones to​ make the​ cheek proportionate with other facial features.
· Silicone lip augmentation This procedure achieves fuller and​ plumper lips and​ involves collagen injection or​ silicone implants.
· FAMI it​ is​ done to​ remove very deep wrinkles and​ lift the​ sagging face caused by weight loss.
· Forehead lift it​ removes furrows from the​ forehead/brow that give an angry look.
· Eyelid Lift it​ removes the​ bags above the​ eyes that give a​ tired look.
· Nose Reshaping Surgery it​ corrects deviated septum and​ trauma in​ the​ nose.
· Thread lift it​ is​ a​ new and​ sophisticated facial plastic surgery procedure and​ less invasive procedure that gives a​ youthful look.
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