Chakracises: How to​ Exercise you​ Chakras

These are simple exercises to​ ​ help you​ get your chakras open and spinning in​ ​ line when they are out of ​ balance or misaligned. if ​ you​ feel you​ are stuck in​ ​ the​ past or you​ are feeling disconnected from other people,​ then your crown chakra is​ ​ probably out of ​ alignment. Chakracises to​ ​ remedy the​ problem are meditation and prayer. the​ colors associated with the​ crown chakra are white and violet.
Problems with the​ brow chakra include paranoia,​ false realities,​ and poor judgment. Chakracises to​ ​ try to​ ​ align this chakra are Lucid dreaming and visualization. the​ color associated with the​ brow chakra is​ ​ indigo.
The throat chakra can cause problems when we don't speak the​ truths that we need to​ ​ sometimes. Dishonesty and biting your tongue or holding back with what you​ want to​ ​ say can cause this chakra to​ ​ spin out of ​ balance. the​ chakracises recommended are screaming and gargling salt water. the​ color for this chakra is​ ​ sky blue.
The heart chakra problems include Lack of ​ confidence in​ ​ yourself or others,​ depression,​ and some trust issues. the​ chakracises suggested here are swimming and hugging yourself. the​ color associated with this chakra is​ ​ green.
The solar plexus chakra,​ if ​ unaligned,​ can make you​ feel overwhelmed,​ ultra-sensitive,​ and scared of ​ life. This chakra is​ ​ the​ root of ​ our own personal self-esteem issues. the​ chakracises used to​ ​ treat this are hoola hooping,​ dancing the​ twist,​ and doing some belly dancing. the​ color associated with this chakra is​ ​ yellow.
The sacral chakra problems can be no creativity and sexual dysfunction. the​ chakracises recommended are pelvic thrusts and circular movements. the​ color linked to​ ​ this chakra is​ ​ orange.
The root chakra is​ ​ our grounding force. Problems occur when we are confused or distracted. Some chakracises to​ ​ try here are marching,​ squats,​ and stomping your feet. Te color associated with this chakra is​ ​ red.
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