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How to​ Chakra Healing
The art of​ chakra healing has been used for centuries to​ balance important energy centers in​ our body called chakras. ​
We can use a​ number of​ different tools such as​ stones or​ meditation during chakra balancing. ​
The end result will be a​ physically healthier body and​ a​ happier,​ more peaceful you.
According to​ practitioners of​ chakra healing,​ we all have seven primary chakras that correspond with vital areas of​ our bodies and​ emotional and​ spiritual aspects of​ our lives. ​
The seven chakras form a​ line from the​ base of​ your spine to​ the​ top of​ your head. ​
Chakras have their own color,​ vibrational frequency,​ and​ symbol. ​
For example,​ the​ first chakra is​ found at ​ the​ base of​ the​ spine and​ is​ known as​ the​ root chakra. ​
This chakra governs the​ spinal column,​ kidneys,​ legs,​ feet,​ rectum,​ and​ immune system. ​
So,​ when this chakra is​ out of​ balance,​ it​ may lead to​ lower back pain,​ varicose veins,​ leg cramps,​ rectal conditions,​ depression,​ as​ well as​ immune related disorders. ​
a​ lack of​ balance in​ the​ root chakra may be caused by feelings of​ low self esteem,​ insecurity,​ or​ family concerns.
Other chakras include the​ sacral,​ solar plexus,​ heart,​ throat,​ brow,​ and​ crown chakras. ​
Each energy center must be vibrating at ​ the​ proper frequency independent of​ one another in​ order for the​ entire body to​ vibrate in​ harmony. ​
Therefore,​ each chakra is​ equally important to​ optimal functioning of​ the​ body according to​ the​ chakra healing tradition.
Many powerful tools can affect the​ vibration of​ the​ chakra,​ and​ that’s where chakra balancing comes into play. ​
Chakra stones,​ the​ human voice,​ music,​ chants,​ mantras and​ chakra meditation bring the​ frequency of​ the​ chakras back into proper vibrational alignment. ​
For example,​ the​ root chakra is​ greatly affected by the​ hematite,​ onyx,​ ruby or​ garnet gemstones. ​
During chakra healing a​ practitioner may use one or​ all of​ these chakra stones to​ cleanse your root chakra and​ bring it​ into harmony.
Chakra meditation may also be used to​ open up your chakra centers and​ improve the​ flow of​ positive psychic energy in​ your body. ​
During meditation you​ simply concentrate on​ each of​ the​ chakras starting with the​ first one and​ working your way up to​ your crown chakra. ​
By imagining the​ flow of​ energy from chakra to​ chakra,​ you​ are helping to​ remove blockages in​ each energy center that might be causing pain and​ disease.
Because the​ chakras govern every organ and​ system in​ your body,​ chakra healing has far reaching health implications. ​
Chakra balancing can lead to​ improved heart,​ lung,​ brain,​ immune and​ digestive function and​ may also help with depression,​ anxiety,​ and​ other emotional imbalances. ​
Many believe that the​ chakras have the​ power to​ transform your life both physically and​ spiritually. ​
it​ is​ only when our chakras are in​ sync that we can truly access higher levels of​ consciousness.
If the​ powerful art of​ chakra healing sounds intriguing to​ you,​ visit an experienced chakra healer. ​
a​ good healer will ask you​ plenty of​ questions about your health in​ order to​ pinpoint which of​ your chakras are the​ most blocked or​ unbalanced. ​
From there he or​ she may employ any number of​ tools to​ help lead your energy centers into harmonious vibration.
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