Booking A Wedding Entertainer

Why is​ Wedding Entertainment Important?

A wedding or​ civil partnership is​ one of​ the​ most special days in​ two people's lives and a​ day of​ celebration shared with family and friends.

The wedding entertainment you​ choose helps to​ create and maintain the​ air of​ celebration,​ turning the​ day into a​ really memorable event. Entertainment at​ a​ wedding or​ civil partnership has many practical uses as​ well,​ such as​ adding structure to​ the​ day and breaking the​ ice between guests.

A Magician as​ a​ Wedding Entertainer

Magic is​ the​ ideal form of​ entertainment for a​ wedding because it​ is​ versatile,​ flexible and suitable for a​ mixed family audience. Most people,​ young and old,​ enjoy magic and an​ experienced wedding entertainer will be able to​ perform for all ages.

Despite being more popular than ever,​ a​ lot of​ people have only ever seen magic on​ television. Seeing magic performed 'live' is​ quite a​ novelty for most people and will make your wedding day even more special.

Close-Up Magic for Weddings

Close-up magic and illusion is​ the​ most versatile and flexible form of​ magical entertainment. a​ close-up magician doesn't require any special equipment or​ facilities such as​ power or​ a​ public address system and will usually carry all his or​ her props in​ their pockets. Also,​ it​ only takes a​ few minutes for a​ professional magician to​ get ready before they start entertaining.

Compared to​ many of​ the​ things that need organising for a​ wedding,​ the​ close-up magician is​ easy - tell him the​ date and time,​ and leave him to​ it!

A close-up wedding magician will mingle with guests,​ either seated at​ tables or​ standing in​ small groups,​ and spend a​ few minutes with each group entertaining them with amazing magic. it​ is​ a​ great way to​ break the​ ice amongst people who have never met before because they come together while enjoying the​ entertainment.

It also provides a​ great talking point,​ even for those not directly involved in​ the​ magic at​ a​ particular time. While the​ magician is​ entertaining one group,​ everyone else is​ wondering about the​ sounds of​ astonishment and laughter coming from across the​ room. And those who have already seen the​ magician are discussing what they have just witnessed and trying to​ work out 'just how did he do that?!'

Close-up magic can fit into any part of​ the​ big day. There can be times at​ weddings and civil partnership celebrations when not much is​ happening,​ especially for the​ guests. Close-up magic can fill these lulls and turn them into a​ highlight. For example:

  • When guests are arriving at​ the​ reception or​ waiting in​ the​ reception line.

  • While the​ wedding party are being photographed.

  • While guests are waiting for the​ meal to​ start.

  • Between the​ courses of​ the​ meal (especially if​ there are a​ lot of​ guests to​ cater for).

  • While guests are waiting for the​ buffet.

  • Between the​ daytime and evening functions.

A professional close-up magician will not be too intrusive and will enhance your special day without detracting from it​ or​ taking it​ over.

Cabaret Magic for Weddings

If you​ want some really special and unusual entertainment,​ a​ cabaret magic show is​ a​ great option. a​ cabaret magic show usually fits in​ best after the​ wedding breakfast and is​ a​ really effective way to​ start off the​ evening party.

A cabaret show is​ a​ structured magic act lasting anything from 5 minutes to​ an​ hour and can incorporate everything from visual magic (objects appearing,​ disappearing and changing) to​ mental and psychological magic (mind control and mind reading) depending on​ the​ wedding entertainer you​ choose.

Most modern performers incorporate a​ lot of​ humour and audience participation into their magic,​ which is​ what really makes a​ cabaret show entertaining and makes magic stand out from other forms of​ entertainment. an​ experienced wedding entertainer will quite often want to​ get the​ newly-wed couple involved during the​ show but will check that this is​ OK beforehand. a​ professional magician will be sensitive to​ your wishes and will not want to​ embarrass you.

Unlike close-up magic,​ a​ cabaret magician usually requires some extra facilities and time to​ prepare their act. For larger audiences,​ a​ cabaret show requires a​ stage and public address system,​ which should be provided by most venues. Some magicians can perform a​ special act for a​ smaller number of​ guests,​ perhaps up to​ 20,​ which doesn't need a​ stage or​ sound equipment. This type of​ act can be performed in​ one room with the​ audience sat around the​ magician.

Finding the​ Right Wedding Entertainer

There are many challenges when organising a​ one-off occasion like a​ wedding,​ especially if​ you​ are not used to​ organising large events. Booking an​ experienced professional magician will make it​ much easier. Here are a​ few pointers:

  • Make sure the​ magician has plenty of​ experience as​ a​ wedding entertainer by checking their previous clients and engagements. Most should be able to​ provide testimonial or​ recommendation letters.

  • It is​ very important that that the​ magician has public liability insurance because they will be closely interacting with your guests.

  • Check that the​ fee you​ negotiate is​ fully inclusive and that there are no hidden extras such as​ VAT or​ travelling expenses.

  • Make sure you​ obtain a​ contract or​ confirmation letter. a​ contract protects you​ and makes sure both you​ and the​ wedding entertainer are clear about the​ event.

Most importantly,​ make sure you​ are comfortable with the​ magician by talking to​ him or​ her beforehand. an​ experienced professional will be able to​ offer wide-ranging advice as​ they are likely to​ have been to​ many more weddings than you!

The style and personality of​ the​ entertainer you​ choose should fit in​ with your aspirations for your wedding - after all,​ you​ are planning for one of​ the​ most special and magical days of​ your life.
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