Body Building With Arnold

Body Building with Arnold
The name Arnold is​ wellknown in​ the​ sport of​ body building. California’s governor made body building what it​ is​ today. This Austrian amazement came onto the​ body building scene in​ the​ 1970’s and changed the​ face of​ body building forever.
Today,​ because Arnold has been so important in​ the​ sport,​ he now holds his own body building competition called the​ Arnold classic. This organization holds contests for amateurs and experts alike for women,​ men,​ and teens. it​ has become one of​ the​ most popular competitions to​ be in​ because winning it​ symbolizes the​ approval of​ body building’s biggest star.
They also hold an annual exposition. it​ is​ the​ largest expo in​ the​ country with over 600 exhibitors showcasing healthy fitness products for body builders and fitness enthusiasts that attend. it​ is​ a​ three day expo that features entertainment as​ well as​ competitions to​ over 100,​000 people who attend every year.
Besides holding body building competitions,​ the​ Arnold organization also has a​ martial arts division that caters to​ those people who have a​ love of​ karate and other types of​ martial arts. Dan Severns,​ one of​ the​ most respected men in​ the​ field of​ wrestling and ultimate fighting has recently signed on​ to​ conduct workshops for interested people.
An annual Arnold Sports Festival is​ also held by the​ company where there are strongman competitions; awards for various areas of​ body building,​ boxing,​ and wrestling; and much more! They showcase power lifters,​ top body builders,​ and martial artists at​ this festival. it​ is​ touted as​ the​ festival that makes fitness fun.
Being the​ benevolent sort,​ Arnold has also set up scholarships for college bound students. They are sponsored also by the​ Rotary Clubs of​ America and offer up over $10,​000 worth of​ scholarships to​ students studying or​ participating in​ gymnastics,​ weight lifting,​ boxing,​ and such.
Probably one of​ the​ most exciting parts of​ the​ Arnold Expo and Festival is​ the​ focus on​ body building athletes who are older than the​ norm. With Arnold himself fast approaching senior citizen status,​ it’s refreshing to​ find a​ place that encourages and supports senior body builders and athletes. It’s never too late to​ get in​ shape and the​ Arnold corporation embraces that concept wholeheartedly.
Because the​ name Arnold is​ so wellknown in​ body building circles,​ the​ doors that open up to​ people who share a​ love of​ body building,​ weight lifting,​ wrestling,​ and martial arts through that name are amazing. His drawing power is​ huge,​ and the​ respect he garners makes any event sponsored by Arnold a​ legitimate and compelling place to​ be.
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