Add Video To Your Website Or Blog To Increase Its Value

Over the​ years we've heard a​ lot about how to​ give your web site more value. at​ first everyone said to​ put lots of​ interesting information on​ your site and you​ would see a​ stampede of​ visitors come your way.

Then we were told to​ dress our sites and blogs up with logos,​ graphics,​ and photos. That helped to​ bring traffic,​ too.

Finally we were told to​ give your sites all the​ right keywords to​ bring in​ the​ utmost in​ search engine traffic. By now,​ that technique has been used just about everywhere it​ can be.

Now,​ the​ Internet is​ moving to​ a​ different phase. Increasingly,​ top sites are using video to​ increase their value and bring in​ lots of​ traffic. Think about the​ last time you​ logged into Amazon or​ CNN. you​ very likely were greeted with a​ professional-looking video that started up on​ the​ page and relayed a​ movie preview or​ news report.

In the​ past,​ you​ would have to​ hire a​ video production house to​ create,​ process,​ host,​ and post your video,​ all at​ a​ cost of​ thousands of​ dollars. But not any more.

Now you​ can have that same kind of​ professional video on​ your site or​ blog for a​ price that fits any budget. It's relatively easy to​ create using low-cost equipment commonly sold for home use.

In the​ course I teach,​ I show students how to​ use Hollywood tricks to​ transform any space in​ your house into what looks like a​ National TV studio. you​ can do this for under $97,​ camera not inlcuded. Now that's an​ advantage for your site or​ blog that you​ shouldn't pass up.

What should your site or​ blog video be?

* Interview yourself or​ an​ expert,​ giving information that your visitors would find interesting.

* a​ demonstration of​ how to​ use your product or​ service.

* a​ high-tech,​ entertaining addition to​ your ebook or​ instructional CD.

We live in​ the​ television age,​ when just about everybody would rather look at​ a​ video that SHOWS them how to​ do something rather than have to​ read about it​ or​ listen to​ someone tell them about

A video gives you​ much higher response and a​ far better informed customer base. When people really understand what you​ are offering and what you​ can do for them,​ making sales (often at​ a​ higher price) is​ far easier.
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