Acne Easy Ways To Stop Getting Infected Acne

Acne Easy Ways to​ Stop Getting Infected Acne
Acne begins as​ a​ whitehead or​ a​ blackhead. ​ These are uninfected comedones. ​ The gland is​ full of​ sebum and​ the​ gland is​ clogged. ​ if ​ treated at ​ this stage,​ the​ acne will resolve easily without any scar. ​ But many times it​ gets infected and​ becomes a​ big pimple full of​ pus. ​ Stop that happening with these easy steps. ​

Acne how it​ gets infected?
A bacterium called P.acnes lives on​ our skin. ​ Normally this bacterium makes no harm to​ us. ​ if ​ this bacterium is​ given a​ warm close place full of​ sebum,​ it​ loves that and​ multiplies there. ​ This happens in​ acne. ​ The sebaceous gland is​ the​ ideal place for the​ bacteria in​ acne and​ the​ bacteria multiplies inside that. ​ When white cells kill the​ bacteria,​ you​ see the​ pus filled acne. ​ We should stop giving the​ bacteria a​ place to​ thrive. ​ Let us see how.

1. ​ Treat the​ blackheads and​ whiteheads immediately with either Benzoyl Peroxide or​ Salicylic Acid. ​ They will both unclog the​ gland. ​ Consult your doctor about using tretinoin at ​ this stage itself. ​ Use AHAs around the​ affected area to​ remove dead cells faster and​ remove the​ top affected layer of​ the​ skin. ​ Your doctor will draw a​ treatment program for you.

2. ​ Ask your doctor if ​ you​ can use a​ mild antibiotic along with other topical treatments to​ kill the​ bacteria before it​ grows. ​ Kill all the​ bacteria before it​ multiplies. ​ Generally we use antibiotic after getting infected. ​ In this case,​ ask your doctor if ​ you​ should use one as​ preventive.

3. ​ Keep your hands clean and​ wash your face with a​ good acid balanced cleanser or​ an AHA based cleanser. ​ Dont over clean the​ skin. ​ Clean it​ two to​ three times a​ day. ​ Dont touch the​ spots. ​ That may infect them. ​ Trying to​ remove the​ comedones may also infect them. ​ Consult your doctor and​ if ​ needed he/she will pull it​ out.

Stopping acne before it​ gets infected is​ the​ best way to​ avoid largescale pimples and​ scars.
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