Acne And The Changes In Girls During Puberty

Acne and​ the​ Changes in​ Girls During Puberty
During puberty,​ girls go through many changes some physical and​ some psychological. ​ These changes include fat distribution,​ menstruation,​ body composition,​ body and​ facial hair growth,​ growth spurts,​ skin changes and​ body odor. ​ During puberty the​ body physically changes as​ the​ fat tissue increases in​ the​ breasts,​ hips,​ and​ thighs,​ producing the​ typical female shape. ​ With all these changes in​ girls during puberty,​ what effect does acne have on​ girls during this difficult and​ emotional time?

Acne can increase the​ physical and​ emotional stress that girls experience during puberty. ​ the​ severity and​ likelihood of​ acne is​ one of​ the​ many changes in​ girls during puberty due to​ the​ increased oil secretions in​ the​ skin. ​ Mood swings,​ increased irritability and​ feelings of​ low self esteem can also be experienced by girls during puberty. ​ Even girls who have been self confident can suffer from low self esteem when puberty starts. ​
These changes in​ girls during puberty can be more severe if ​ she also suffers from acne. ​ There are steps you​ can take to​ help lessen the​ problems of​ acne,​ which may help girls during this difficult time.

Practical Acne Treatments For Girls…
Proper skin care is​ the​ first step in​ dealing with acne. ​ There are many skin care products on​ the​ market that may help with acne. ​ Gently washing the​ face twice a​ day is​ the​ first place to​ start. ​ Be sure to​ select a​ cleanser that contains salicylic acid,​ benzoyl peroxide or​ sulfur,​ as​ they kill the​ bacteria that cause acne. ​ Gentle cleansing is​ important so dont wash too often or​ scrub the​ face with harsh cleansers. ​

It is​ also important to​ use noncomedogenic products when trying to​ control acne. ​ Noncomedogenic products are less likely to​ cause acne,​ blackheads or​ block the​ pores of​ the​ skin. ​ There are many noncomedogenic products available,​ such as​ makeup,​ moisturizers,​ lip stick,​ and​ even acne medicated makeup. ​

It is​ a​ good idea to​ visit a​ dermatologist if ​ acne can not be controlled with over thecounter medications as​ he can prescribe the​ best solution.
Acne in​ addition to​ all the​ changes in​ girls during puberty can take a​ physical and​ mental toll. ​ There are many acne treatments available today so one should not despair. ​ the​ onset of​ acne during puberty represents another challenge for young women to​ overcome.
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