7 Ways To Advertise Your Business For Free

7 Ways to​ Advertise Your Business For Free

1 .​ Free directories: directories are perfect for customers that are searching for a​ particular topic .​
What’s great about them is​ that you​ only have to​ post once and they are good for long periods of​ time.​
It saves a​ lot of​ your time when you​ don’t have to​ resubmit your information every week or​ every month .​
The bad news is​ most of​ your traffic won’t come from here .​
I​ still feel it​ is​ worth it​ to​ get your link out there .​
Just take one day and set it​ aside for posting to​ free directories .​
You won’t need to​ do it​ again for at​ least 6 months.

2 .​ Classified Ads: These are great for work from home businesses .​
Think about it .​
Where do people go when they are looking for a​ job? That’s right-the classifieds .​
The only downside to​ classified ads is​ that you​ have to​ resubmit them quite frequently .​
Once you​ find which classifieds bring you​ the​ most traffic you​ can concentrate on​ them and weed the​ others out .​
So it​ is​ really more time consuming in​ the​ beginning,​ and doesn’t have to​ be later on​ when you​ get the​ hang of​ things.

3 .​ Free article submissions/ezines: the​ best way to​ inform others about your product or​ service is​ to​ write an​ article about it .​
In your authors resource box,​ you​ can tell readers about yourself and where they can go to​ check out your product or​ service .​
This is​ also an​ excellent way to​ get free links to​ your site if​ you​ have one .​
There are a​ lot of​ webmasters out there who are looking for good articles they can post on​ their site .​
If they post yours,​ that is​ another site that is​ doing the​ advertising for you​ .​
All for free.

4 .​ URL Submissions: Probably the​ quickest and easiest thing to​ do to​ advertise your site .​
Just type Free URL submission in​ your search engine .​
When you​ get a​ list just enter the​ URL you​ are promoting and click submit .​
That’s it .​
It only takes a​ few seconds and your done .​
Just set a​ day aside once every 3 months and do this.

5 .​ Forum Posts: Put your product or​ service website in​ your signature file when you​ sign up on​ some forums .​
It will be displayed every time you​ make a​ post .​
Try to​ look for topics that you​ have some knowledge on,​ and can give a​ relevant answer too .​
Do not spam anyone,​ you​ will get kicked off the​ forum and you​ will get a​ bad reputation .​
Get involved asking and answering questions that pertain to​ your area of​ business .​
Forums are great because once you​ make a​ post it​ stays there forever .​
It will get moved to​ the​ archives eventually,​ but someone could still find it​ if​ they were searching the​ archives .​
Yes,​ there are many people who do.

6 .​ Traffic Exchanges: Probably the​ most time consuming way to​ advertise for free,​ but definitely the​ most effective .​
Most forums I​ have visited have said in​ many posts that they received a​ lot of​ their profit from traffic exchanges .​
If you​ don’t want to​ spend the​ time surfing for credits,​ you​ do have the​ option of​ buying them .​
I​ would look into a​ program that lets you​ surf multiple websites at​ once like crazy browser .​
There are others and they are free to​ download .​
That way you​ can just spend one hour a​ day and get all your surfing in​ at​ once.

7 .​ News-groups: Become involved in​ a​ group that has to​ do with your kind of​ business .​
You can usually mail the​ group once per day,​ but I​ would encourage you​ to​ find something fresh to​ talk about each day .​
People will tune you​ out if​ they see the​ same message all the​ time .​
Remember to​ never Spam anyone .​
Only join groups with the​ same interests as​ yours .​
In other words,​ don’t sign up for a​ recipe swapping group when you​ are advertising shaving cream.
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