5 Tips To Cure Your Acne

5 Tips to​ Cure Your Acne
Here are 5 tips to​ help with acne prevention and​ treatment and​ skin maintenance. ​
They are listed in​ no particular order of​ importance.
1. ​
Get plenty of​ fresh air and​ sunshine for vitamin D,​ ingredients for healthy skin. ​
Not only will your skin appreciate the​ vitamin D,​ your body and​ mind will enjoy the​ oxygen and​ stress reducer of​ a​ daily jaunt outdoors. ​
But dont overdo it​ and​ get a​ sunburn! Remember to​ use sun protection / tanning lotions if ​ youll be out long. ​
You dont want to​ get caught up in​ that cycle of​ burned,​ dead skin cells blocking pores,​ resulting in​ acne scenario. ​

2. ​
Remember,​ even good stress can trigger internal chemical responses that result in​ acne,​ too. ​
So plan ahead to​ deal with extra stress when planning a​ wedding,​ graduation,​ a​ move,​ a​ new job,​ a​ job transfer,​ a​ new baby,​ etc. ​
Journal a​ little extra,​ focusing on​ the​ upcoming issue or​ issues and​ plan in​ some extra rest use relaxation or​ meditation tools cassettes,​ workshops,​ etc. ​
Get help around the​ house,​ take time off,​ exercise yoga and​ Tai Chi are highly recommended,​ have fun or​ whatever you​ need to​ do.
3. ​
Drink an adequate amount of​ water daily. ​
Many recommend three to​ four tall glasses and​ mineral or​ filtered water. ​
Too little water can lead to​ dehydration,​ which can lead to​ dead skin cells not naturally falling off or​ sloughing properly; the​ end result can be blocked pores,​ acne. ​

4. ​
Acne has nothing to​ do with dirt. ​
Period. ​
So dont overwash or​ overscrub your face or​ the​ rest of​ your body. ​
Keep in​ mind that too much can result in​ dry skin. ​
And dry skin means your body will jump in​ and​ create more oil. ​
Then what? Extra oil + extra dead skin cells = blocked pores,​ triggering acne flareups. ​
Same old story.
5. ​
Add more fruits,​ veggies,​ seeds and​ nuts to​ your regular diet. ​
Note that deficiencies if ​ selenium and​ zinc,​ found in​ Brazil nuts and​ pumpkin seeds,​ have been associated with acne. ​
So add salads,​ dried fruit and​ nut snacks,​ juices and​ other healthy treats to​ your daily planning. ​

This report includes information based upon research about acne. ​
it​ strives to​ help clear up myths from facts and​ present an overview of​ the​ issues surrounding acne along with possible solutions available to​ help with the​ prevention and​ treatment of​ acne,​ all based upon the​ most recent studies,​ reports,​ articles and​ findings available,​ so that you​ can learn more acne health care.
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