10 Tips On How To Cure Back Acne

10 Tips on​ How to​ Cure Back Acne
There are several ways on​ how to​ cure back acne. ​
Bacne a​ short term for back acne is​ just like any ordinary forms of​ acne. ​
it​ can appear as​ pimples,​ blackheads,​ pustules or​ in​ severe cases it​ would look like an acne cyst. ​
This commonly appears during puberty when the​ sebaceous gland starts to​ function aggressively. ​
Male,​ female,​ teenagers or​ adult,​ back acne does not have a​ particular range of​ age nor gender and​ practically can affect anybody. ​
Below are some ways to​ treat bacne.
1.Wear cool clothes and​ put some powder at ​ your back to​ prevent perspiration. ​
This is​ a​ vital way on​ how to​ cure back acne. ​
Change clothes if ​ you​ have perspired too much on​ it​ to​ prevent further back acne build up. ​

2.After doing a​ vigorous activity,​ you​ would probably give off too much sweat. ​
Take a​ shower immediately or​ if ​ not possible,​ wipe your perspiration using towels with soft fabric such as​ cotton. ​

3.Pat dry you​ skin after taking a​ shower. ​
Do not rub the​ towel. ​
it​ might irritate your skin and​ cause inflammation on​ your back acne.
4.If your back acne is​ not yet severe,​ you​ may still use antibacterial cleansers that are designed for facial acne. ​
Nowadays,​ there are also antiacne soaps that can be used not just for the​ face but for body as​ well. ​
Avoid using regular soap. ​
These soaps may not meet the​ demands that your sensitive skin needs. ​

5.Avoid carrying back packs until your back acne clears up. ​
This would prevent your back from heating up which results to​ more perspiration and​ breeding ground for bacteria that causes back acne.
6.One of​ the​ best ways on​ how to​ cure back acne properly is​ to​ use gels or​ creams containing at ​ least 10 percent benzoyl peroxide. ​
They can be bought at ​ ​Drug​stores even without any prescriptions from a​ dermatologist skin doctor.
7.Studies show that benzoyl peroxide works better when used with products having alphahydroxy. ​
This will heal and​ dry up back acne two times faster. ​

8.Some people also have natural techniques on​ how to​ cure back acne. ​
One home remedy for treating back acne is​ to​ use homemade Sodium Hydrixide Lye soap while adding some tea tree oil in​ it. ​
This does not dry and​ heal acne faster but would definitely give you​ a​ softer skin.
9.Exfoliate once a​ week. ​
if ​ you​ don’t want to​ spend money on​ buying expensive body scrubs,​ you​ may use sugar instead to​ take off all those dead skin cells. ​
Do it​ on​ the​ affected area such as​ back and​ buttocks.
10.You may seek professional help in​ case of​ very severe back acne. ​
Theirs is​ nothing to​ be ashamed about. ​
Dermatologists are willing to​ help people suffering this kind of​ skin problem. ​
They would probably recommend medicines that needs prescription,​ antibiotics that should be taken orally,​ topical treatments,​ retinol or​ even oral contraceptives for female only.
So there you​ go. ​
These are only ten of​ the​ most effective ways on​ how to​ cure back acne.
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