Violet Light Session

Violet Light Session

Before the session begins always do a scan of their energy to see
which chakras are open, which are closed, and which are overactive. It is fairly easy to see this if you have ever worked on developing your third eye. 

When doing a session with a client it is always best to know what has been ailing them the most. This helps you to decide which symbols to prepare, and which chakras to
concentrate on the most. 

To do this type of scanning, simply imagine the person’s chakras. Red, Orange, Yellow, Green, Blue, Indigo, Violet. Don’t worry about the spiritual chakras, they do not have color. 

It is best to picture them in a horizontal line, and they should be shaped like circles. You will see that some of the circles are smaller, and others are bigger. Allow your intuition to guide you, as you notice which ones are bigger and smaller. 

The smaller ones are closed chakras, the bigger ones are overactive chakras. The others that are balanced will not appeal to your eyes, and they may fade into the background. Remember though, the balanced chakras will not shrink in size, they will simply fade. Always do this before doing a session. 

From here you can use the traditional hand positions, or you can try the method that I find works best for me. Have your client hold their arms up over their head in a big O. Instruct them to intertwine their fingers together. Place the hand you write with on top of their
hands, and allow your other hand to focus on the chakras. Begin to place the Violet Flame Reiki through the O and guide it through the chakras. 

Your second hand will guide the energy to the places it needs to be. Again, as will all Reiki systems the energy will naturally go where it is needed, but I find that the client feels more comfortable when there is more guidance of the hands. The second hand will also be the one that guides the symbols into the chakras. 

The symbol can be drawn in your mind, then invoked 3 times, and then multiplied, 3x3x3 to increase its power. When the energy is finished being channeled, and all symbols have been addressed, make sure your second hand leaves at the root chakra and then remove your first hand from the O. The client can then put their arms down. 
I would advise the client not to consume any alcoholic beverages, or other stimulants that can cause alteration of the mind, as Violet Flame Reiki is a very powerful tool in bringing out subconscious desires unto the physical realm.
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