Violet Light Meditation
Violet Light Meditation

For many years people on earth have been working with the Violet Light and using this
meditation to help them reach spiritual consciousness and their higher selves. For the
purpose of working with Violet Light Reiki, I find this information imperative as it will
help you in your practice to access and channel the Violet Light energy.
To meditate on the Violet Light sit comfortably, and light a single candle in front of you.
Find some relaxing music, light some incense, and then you may begin. Begin by letting
your mind and body relax and concentrate on the music. When you are relaxed, begin your I AM statements.
I am the Violet Light, flowing within me now, I am the Violet Light, forever in its power,
I am the Violet Light, filling with light and love, I am the Violet Light, filled with light from above.
Imagine now that your aura, chakras, and entire body have transformed into a violet
colored flame. From here, focus on the absence of thought. You want to reach a point
where you are completely quiet of mind. Stay here as long as you like, and practice this
meditation daily. When you are ready to come down, simply think, “I thank the Violet
Light, and I know it will be with me always.”