To heal yourself with the Violet Light start by doing the Violet Light Meditation.

Once you have stabilized a good level and rapport with the Violet Light, begin at the root chakra. Allow the Violet Light to cleanse, consecrate and purify the root, removing and transmuting any negative energy.

Repeat this process for every chakra, the sacral chakra, solar plexus, heart, throat, brow and crown.

Finally, once you have reached the crown, open your mind up to the 5 spiritual chakras. 

Chakra 8 - energy center of divine love, of spiritual compassion and spiritual selflessness, your karmic residue, activates spiritual skills contained in the seventh chakra.

Chakra 9 - soul blueprint (the individual's total skills and abilities learned in all the life times)

Chakra 10 - divine creativity, synchronicity of life; the merging of the masculine and feminine within, unlocking of skills contained in the ninth chakra

Chakra 11 - Path-work to the Soul, the individual's ability to acquire advanced spiritual skills (travel beyond the limits of time and space, teleportation, bi-location, instantaneous precipitation of thoughts, telekinesis in some cases)

Chakra 12 - Connection to the Great Central Sun (Monadic level of divinity), understanding of and communication with the universe, the unlocking of the abilities in the 11th chakra

These chakras are best accessed by thinking about them as little clouds that you are ascending. 

This type of self healing requires a lot of focus and energy so don’t feel bad if it takes you a couple of tries before being able to reach the 12 chakras. Doing the Violet Light Meditation alone helps to heal you as well.

Once you have reached the 12 chakras, imagine your energy as 2 discs spinning in
opposite directions around a central flame. You should be in the center of this flame, and
the flame will be Violet in color. Expand the flame and loop the Violet Flame around
each of the discs so that the discs also have Violet Light energy laced throughout them. 

In the end the discs should look like twizlers licorice. Once you have finished, slowly climb
down the ladders of the spiritual chakras. 

Exit through the brow chakra, and end the
meditation there. You should feel completely energized and relaxed. 

With this exercise you will not need to do a self-healing everyday because the energy loop lasts for roughly
2 weeks.