Honor and Justice: This symbol works to reveal our true nature, it gives us the honor and justice we deserve and initiates recognition and respect. This symbol can work on both positive and negative levels. This symbol brings to light our mistakes, and shows us
how to let go of our mistakes and receive our atonement. 

Temperance, Knowledge: This symbol rids us of worry, self doubt, depression and anxiety on a physical level. On a spiritual level it brings us up the nine levels of spiritual transformation and allows us to reach the higher knowledge and wisdom that we seek.
Through this symbol one can find who they truly are inside. 

Fertility/Rebirth: This symbol is the symbol that brings about new life. Best used to help pregnant women along their journey of pregnancy, it can also help mothers who are infertile, and men who are inept. On a spiritual level this symbol works as a sort of rebirth, it takes who we are, and reforms and changes it into who we can become. Think of this symbol as taking you in your form of a caterpillar, putting you in a cocoon, and when you emerge, you are a beautiful butterfly. 

Vitality: This symbol is used to give a person overall wellbeing, vitality and youthfulness. Use this symbol when one is feeling depression, immense fatigue, or when they have been undergoing processes of chemotherapy, surgery, or other medical procedures that can cause much stress. 

Higher Protection: This symbol helps us to protect the things that we hold sacred. This symbol is often used on important documents to keep their knowledge sacred and secret.
This symbol will allow one to create powerful shields around their mind, home, and body, in order to repel those who may enter their minds.

Life Energy: This symbol is like an explosion into self-awareness. It raises our level of spiritual awareness and helps us to be comfortable in our own skin. This symbol helps us
to be confident in ourselves, and reach our goals and dreams.