Violet Light 3 Symbols

Violet Light 3 Symbols

When receiving this attunement, by distance or in person, find a place to lay down, put some relaxing music on, light some incense, and candles if you feel it is necessary.
Tell the universe that you are now ready to receive the Violet Light Level 1 Attunement from “Name of Teacher”. 

Place your arms in the O position and intertwine your fingers. Allow the energy to flow through your hands and into your crown chakra. When you feel guided to, bring your hands down to your side palms facing upwards. I would say this should occur halfway through the attunement, but you will know when you feel it. 

When you are finished, blow out the candle, but allow the incense to keep burning. It will circulate the energy throughout the room and cleanse the room.Remember to write down any experiences that you had while receiving the attunement. Sometimes you will see symbols, or find spirit guides and have conversations with them.
You might see bright burning lights, or stars, etc. Write down anything that you have

For Level 2 attunements, simply specify that this is the Level 2 Attunement you are requesting, not level 1.

Purification: This symbol is used for deep spiritual purification. I find it works well for people who are linked to negativity. Whether that is negative relationships, or habits like
smoking, this symbol helps to break those links and find purity.

Full Physical Cleansing: This symbol works to attract heat to the areas of the body that need physical healing. It will help to flush out the system from toxins and refresh the body. It is advised to drink a lot of water after using this symbol to help along the

Centering: This symbol is used best for centering our chakras, and filling in the spaces that allow us to move with ease. It is best used to joint pain, arthritis, and stiff muscles.
Releasing Negativity: This symbol allows us to let go of our negativity, and bring peace into our lives. It takes all of the negativity from past, present and future, and channels it
out of our physical and spiritual body. 

Deep Tissue Healing: This symbol is used mostly on those who have been in accidents, have scarring, or stubborn aches and pains. When using this symbol, lodge it into the place that hurts the most on the body, and allow it beat like the heart, sending energy to all other affects parts. It’s best to use a scanning technique to find the root of the pain.

Remove Pain: This symbol is best used on people who are in a lot of physical or spiritual pain. This symbol takes the pain and channels it back to the source where it can be
purified and consecrated. This symbol is used for powerful deep healing, and it is advised hat you drink lots of water after a session that includes this symbol.
Higher Self: This symbol allows the client to open up the pathway to their higher self. It also allows the client to receive guidance from divine forces, find spirit guides, and realize their destiny. After using this symbol, the client can expect to make a few changes
in their lifestyle, to accommodate their new found enlightenment. 

Third Eye Cleansing: Used to help the third eye replenish and rejuvenate. This symbol also helps to clear corruption, egotism, pride, greed and vanity from the third eye. For physical problems, this symbol works best for the thyroid gland. 
Waves, Cleanse: This symbol washes away all emotions that have been holding us back from achieving our goals. It helps to restore the natural flow of our energy and further
amplifies the Water symbol in Level 1.

The first 3 Symbols are the Master Symbols, the other 6 are for Level 4, Master/Teacher use only.

Master Symbols Alignment: This symbol allows the VFR Master to align the student/client’s chakra system from the 12 chakra to the root chakra. This is a very powerful symbol as it represents the master in perfect spiritual alignment with the student/client, and generates a powerful healing force that will force a large spiritual change for each student.
Awakening: This is the symbol of awakening. It is primarily used when passing on attunements to students, but it can be used to help clients gain clarity, open their third eye, awaken to their past lives, and raise their levels of intuition. 

Cycle of Life: This symbol is the universal symbol of death and rebirth, spiritual enlightenment, fulfillment and balance. This is the main master symbol that is used in
Violet Flame Reiki, and it is very important that it be invoked 3x3x3. This symbol is used
when passing on attunements to others.  

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