Violet Light 1 Symbols

Violet light Level 1 Symbols

Violet light Level 1 Symbols

Water/Flow: This water represents the way our energy flows and how it connects to each and everything it touches. The triangle in the diagram represents our place in life, and can
also represent how shallow or deep we are spiritually. This symbol is best use to get to the deeper problems one may be having spiritually, emotionally or physically.

Wind, Action: This symbol represents the things we want to put in motion and things that we seem to let blow away by the wind. It sets our goals in motion, and helps us to bring back those ideas we let scamper away.

Karma: This symbol represents our Karma, and can be signed a good luck charm on anything to produce good karma and good omens for that item, person or place.

Purification: This one is also straightforward, this symbol helps to purify our mind, soul and body. Best used when there is a client who is confused about their path, or being lead
on by many outside forces. This will awaken the voice of the client, and allow them to speak their own mind.

Spiritual Cleansing: This symbol is used mostly to make people feel well in spirit. I find this one works well to clear childhood traumas, and heal any wounds or marks on the soul. Used best at the Heart, Brow and Crown Chakras, to help open the heart and bring
love to the client once again.

Sacrifice: This symbol is a symbol that allows us to sacrifice our doubts, fear, anxieties,
nervous disorders and take in spiritual healing. This symbol works well to help people who are skeptical about Reiki, or simply have blocks that they have trouble releasing.

Cleansing Trauma: This symbol deals mostly with suppressed trauma and past life trauma. I find it works well on people who have unexplainable fears, or emotions towards certain things in life. It also helps to cleanse those who have been in rough situations in this life, it allows them to let those emotions go and accept themselves for who they are again.

Spiritual Healing: This symbol works in conjunction with the above symbol. If the Cleansing Trauma Symbol is used, this symbol backs it up by healing the wounds.

Past Lives, Heat: This symbol is used to give heat to physical wounds, and helps any
past life traumas that have manifested in the physical present to be healed. This symbol is
used well for those with psychic trauma as well, most often trauma that is considered to be psychological, like Turret’s Syndrome, Schizophrenia, Split Personality Disorder, etc.

Violet Light Reiki always works on the concept of 9. Since 9 is such a unique number, it is the primary number used in Violet Flame Reiki. The number 9 when multiplied always creates a number that will originate back to 9. Numbers such as 18, 27,
234, 1017, etc. all revert back to 9 in their smallest form. Add up the numbers to 10,122,005,449 and it will equal 9. When using any of the symbols in Violet Flame Reiki, always seal the process 3x3x3 in order to maintain this system of 9.
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