The Violet Breath Technique

This technique is used in many Reiki systems including Celtic, Tibetan and Shamballa Systems.
To use the Violet Breath technique in Violet Light Reiki, begin first by imagining yourself in the violet flame. This is the same technique you use during the Violet Flame Meditation

Once the flame is all around you, begin to breathe in the energy around you.
Take 3 deep breaths counting to 9 as you breathe in and breathe out again.When you are ready, draw the symbol with your mind, and breathe the symbol into the Violet Breath. 

The symbol should appear gold in color. Imagine the symbol floating into the chakra you intend to use it on. If you have no chakra in mind, allow your intuition to guide the symbol into the place it feels it should go. 

Make sure to seal your breath 3x3x3.
This technique is used best when a client does not feel comfortable being touched, and works well for enhancing distance healing sessions. To do this from a distance, simply
breathe the symbol into the picture or paper you have of the person you are healing.