Reiki Treatment

The easy, non-invasive reiki treatment program works and operates with the Higher Self of the person to promote wellness and well being to the entire body, mentally and physically. Therefore it is truly a health and self help program that brings wholeness of Mind, body and spirit.

When the circulation of the "Life force Energy" is blocked, many issues will arise : stress, weak immune system, tiredness, unhappiness, attracting things you don't want ,feelings fear, worry, doubt, frustration, stress, adverse self-talk, bad lifestyle and bad relationships.....

Reiki energy can help on treating many issues in fact it is used by nurses in many hospitals all over the world.

• Reiki:
- Helps your energy system to get rid of stress and worry.

• It raises the body self-healing skills and abilities, 

• It will bring your energy system to stability and tranquility,

• Allows your physical, mental and spiritual body to cleanse itself from negativeness, 
• It will help you get better sleep,

• It will Lowers hypertension
• It will Increase energy and postpones the aging,

• It will Improves the vibration consistency of your aura,

• It Allows your spiritual growth and mental cleansing 

• Can help with (injuries) and serious issues and it helps also with breaking bad habits,

• The energy system will be able to absorb more chi witch will lead to a healthy life style and better well being,

• Lowers some of the negative effects of drugs helping your body to restore from medications after surgery and radiation treatment,

• Can help in the rejuvenation of the immune system.

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