Reiki Healing

Reiki Healing

Here are some simple instructions for how to heal a person:

1. Lay your hands on the patient’s shoulders.
2. Clear your thoughts and think to yourself ”Reiki” (or any energy system you intent to use), to start the energy flow.  Just let the energy flow.  
You don’t have to concentrate on keeping the energy flowing, it will flow freely of its own accord…just relax and enjoy the energy.    
 3.  When 3-5 minutes have passed you will feel the energy stop, or you 
      may feel a little tired or drained. That means that healing is
      complete.  The healing energy will however, continue to work in the patient.

In this way the patient will always receive the correct healing that they need, no matter how severe
or insignificant the ailment may be.

Remember that the energy will always flow to where it is needed.  Here is an analogy to help you
understand how it works:

If you threw a bucket of water (the water symbolizing the energy) onto a path filled with potholes,
what happens?  The water gathers in the potholes.  You don’t need to go to each individual hole and
fill them all one by one, the water will run into the holes of its own accord.  This is how energy
works.  Get the energy flowing, and it will gather in the places it is needed of its own accord.
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