How To Heal the Karmic Band

Healing the Karmic band

There is always a karmic band between those we hold closest and ourselves, or those we have once
held close.  

These bands can sometimes weigh us down and have negative influences on our
physical body parts and energy.  

Very often relationships grow stronger when healing the karmic

You should use this type f healing between yourself and those you hold dear, or have once held dear.

For this you should use the remote, long distance healing technique.  

If you, for example, wish to
improve the relationship between yourself and your mother, you should write ”my relationship with
my mother” with your finger in the palm of your hand.  

Place your palms together and start the
energy flow.  

If you are healing a relationship for someone else, then you should write ” Robert’s
relationship with his mother” and start the energy flow.  

This method should be used in both near
and long distance situations.  

This procedure usually lasts 3-5 minutes, but don’t be surprised if it
sometimes takes a little longer.
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